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If you wish to play Cricket games on your mobile, here we are presenting a brilliant game named Big Bash Boom. Whether you're a fan of the BBL, or you're just interested in playing some fun games, Big Bash Boom APK is a game that you may want to try out. Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to the game, such as a laggy logo that shows up before every ball, and the lack of replays.

Modded version

Developed by Big Ant Studios, Big Bash Boom is an arcade-style cricket game. It was released on November 29 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. It is a tie-in to the KFC BBL Big Bash T20, a popular cricket tournament in Australia. The game features licensed home stadiums, custom events, powerups, and more. It also includes all teams in the KFC Big Bash League and Rebel Women's Big Bash League.

It's a fast learning curve. Players can choose a difficulty level to suit their skill and experience levels. There are two modes: Tournament mode and Casual Match mode. The latter can be played online. The game offers a free play option, but you will have to earn coins to buy items in the game.

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Players can earn special comic power-ups that affect their performance. For example, if a player hits a six, he'll get a boost. The bowler can use a temporary power-up to deliver the ball at blistering speed. This will allow the batsman to score double runs.

Lacks replays

Developed by the same team that brought you Ashes Cricket, Big Bash Boom is an arcade take on Australia's premier T20 tournament. It's a bit of a cliche to say that it is the best T20 Cricket game yet, but it does offer a few things the other games lack. It's also a lot cheaper than you'd expect, with preorders available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

There are also several flaws with Big Bash Boom, including the aforementioned technical issues. It's a shame that the aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned isn't more widespread, but at least the game's online options haven't been disabled. The game's lack of replays also hinders the experience.

The biggest problem is that Big Bash Boom's aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned doesn't offer a whole lot of content to speak of. If you're looking for a cricket simulator, the best bet is to try out another game on the same console.

Laggy BBL logo is displayed before every ball

Unlike other sports games, Big Bash Boom has a singular focus. It takes advantage of the success of the premier T20 tournament in Australia. Its release on November 29 will coincide with the start of the WBBL|04 and BBL|08. Its head-to-head multiplayer matches and licensed teams will appeal to the entire family. The game features an arcade-like gameplay mechanic that makes it a fun and fast-paced experience.

The best part is that you can customize the game to your own specifications. The developers have also included a number of wacky and silly features. These include the ability to change the field to match the type of shots your team is taking. In addition, players can score silly hats, earn coins, and nab a nice power-up. The fun factor is high, but the game is also riddled with bugs.

There are plenty of novelty gimmicks, such as the six-ball trick, but the true test is whether Big Bash Boom is worth your time. Despite its flaws, the game's mainstays are fun enough for the whole family.

Tutorial is confusing

Developed by the same developer that created Ashes Cricket, Big Bash Boom is an arcade version of the popular Big Bash League. With eight licensed teams and wild crowds, the game aims to replicate the buzzing atmosphere of the BBL matches. While the gameplay is simple and streamlined, the overall experience is not all that it could be.

Unlike other cricket games, Big Bash Boom does not take itself too seriously. The developers aim to reach a younger audience by creating a spectacle that pays homage to the sport. This includes unintentionally terrifying mascots, fireworks displays, and wild crowds. While the game looks great, it has some technical issues that keep it from feeling complete.

Despite its simplicity, Big Bash Boom lacks a replay system. This is particularly true for the game's power-ups. Often, players have a hard time predicting whether they'll hit the ground or the other side of the field. Additionally, there are a few different hitting shots, and hitting boundaries isn't very rewarding.

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Big Bash Boom
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